Monday, June 25, 2012

The Victory Garden 1941

This was produced before America formally entered the war. This garden is huge for a family of 4 or 5 pictured. It was probably the idea to grow far more than needed to feed the neighboring community. Apparently all of the dust masks were being used for the war effort, so young Dick is inhaling all of those pesticides. No mention of compost; and the weeds that they mention; lambs quarter and amaranth are often being eaten now by foragers. Remember, no garden, no victory. Being threatened with the loss of freedom by gaining food freedom seems such innocuous propaganda.


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Julie said...

Wow, interesting! To see how they did it back in the 1940s was facinating. Horses to plow. Some advise still good. We know to cover the soil now and use natural organic methods to fight desease. Grow soil life (microbiome, worms, effective micro-organisms, etc) and it will feed your plants! I found your Apiary on NextDoor Tahuya. Joined your newsletter. Hope to hear from you some day.

_ J.W.