Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bees Book

We are very fortunate to have a book that documents beekeeping and other aspects of life around our little world. This book goes into three years of our beekeeping operation with great detail:

"THREE SEASONS of BEES and Other Natural and Unnatural Things: A Pacific Northwest Journal" Nirvan Hope

$16.00 Paperback

Also available through www.createspace.com/3377028

The sweetness of beekeeping and country life turn sour when meth labs arrive on a neighboring property. Bee yards. Swarm catching. Moving bees in mountain migrations. Harvesting hive products. In this lyrical memoir, beekeeper Nirvan Hope gives the reader a taste of beekeeping at the beginning of the twenty first century. When not beekeeping, she explores changing seasons in forests, rivers and lakes on the Tahuya Peninsula. River wading, gardening, mushrooming, a baby eagle rescue, bear sightings and spawning salmon offer gentle pleasures. But as if to balance the slow tempo of pastoral bliss, the shadow side of Pacific Northwest rural life show up: a not-so-happy world of vandals, brush pickers, clear cuts, frightening found objects and escalating frustration and paranoia spawned by the arrival of suspected identity thieves and meth labs on neighboring property.

Praise for the memoir "THREE SEASONS OF BEES": "A great read!" "a skillful photographic way with words." "...read one chapter at a time, a great meditation." "You have mastered the critical trick of writing in the now."

"Written in beautiful, lyrical language that transports the reader to the fields and forest of the Pacific Northwest. A modern day Walden Pond." Valerie West, writer: No Brother of Mine"

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