Sunday, February 8, 2009

Colony Colapse Disorder not affecting Africanized Bees

From what I have been hearing, bees in South America that are Africanized (killer bees as the press likes to say) have not had the problem with Colony collapse disorder. Africanized bees do not have the same problems that we have with mites, they are mite resistant, build strong colonies quickly and are great honey producers. The only caveat is that they are extremely aggressive, beekeepers can work with them but only in full bee suits. What strikes me is that they are mite resistant, mites carry a number of diseases which one is probably CCD. Africanized bees would not lend themselves well to pollenation especially in populated areas, farm hands and passers by could fall victim to their aggresive ways. But if we continue to lose bees modern industrial agriculture may need to "bite the bullet" and look into this option.

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