Monday, March 19, 2007

The Enigma of Colony Collapse Disorder

Colony collapse disorder is a fancy term for when a beehive just disappears. The bees fly off and aren't seen again nor are there dead bees left in the hive signifying disease or another affliction. While there have been isolated accounts of this happening for over a century it is hitting certain States in epidemic proportion. It wipes out thousands of hives in a few days. This isn't just a beekeeper or agricultural issue but will affect all of us. No bees, no pollination; NO POLLINATION, NO PRODUCE. Some parts of the country already pay $3.00 for a gallon of gas, imagine paying $10 a lb for apples or oranges. Entomologists still aren't sure what is causing this, but we all must be vigilant in making sure that this problem gets the attention that it deserves by the government and media. Whatever the cause, Colony Collapse is here and the solution to it won't be helped by pesticides. Support organic agriculture and avoid pesticides when you can.

Use the Custom search engine below to find scholarly information on Colony Collapse Disorder and other bee issues from major Universities and Government.

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